Thinking in a different way
Connectworxs asks the question “What can we explore or look at in a different way?”. The speed of change in business today requires us to think differently – we cannot afford to focus on analysing the past, but instead need to focus on what’s happening today and what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Disrupting your organization
Changing ways of working in an organization can be challenging. Old methods are well-embedded as organizational habits, and changing these requires people to make deliberate decisions to do things differently. 

However valuable the new ways of working are, embedding them and adopting them as new habits will take time. Along the way we’ll hit difficulties and hurdles that we’ll need to overcome.

Supporting your co-workers
As you introduce new people to your projects, ensure that you can clearly explain the approach the project team takes and how it works together. Create an environment where each new member is encouraged to participate.

Shout about success regularly
Communicating early successes will be a big driver in supporting the adoption of new ways of working. Show your stakeholders what you have achieved to create a sense of momentum and a desire to continue.

Ask for help
Asking existing advocates of the new ways of working to support the change can be a powerful driver encouraging further participation. Work with these people to communicate the benefits to a wider group and show how your new approach are now part of the way we do business.

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