Using ‘What If?’ Analysis helps you consider all the potential risks, costs and actions that relate to your project. This technique works best just before you make any critical decisions.

Use this to...

  • Challenge unproven assumptions and logic.
  • Test limited information.
  • Consider risks and costs of any given decision.

Try this...

No time like the present! Get your group brainstorming early in your sprint to create some cracking ‘what if?’ scenarios.

Anything goes! Suspend disbelief and focus on all the possibilities that could cause an event, no matter how implausible.

Watch out for...

Absolutely flawless? Ask yourself whether your decision rests on limited information or unproven assumptions. Try a Logic Mapping technique to help make sure this isn’t the case.


  1. Think about your business problem - what would represent your worst case scenario? Write it down.
  2. List all the possible events that could have caused your worst case scenario.List them under your worst case scenario.
  3. Write a list of indicators that would imply each event was unfolding.Add one or more indicators under each event.
  4. What questions do you need to ask to help identify if these events are unfolding in the future? Capture those that are new for your organization.
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