This technique helps you to create a set of controlled conditions in which to test the validity of a hypothesis.

Use this to...

  • Test the validity of your thinking.
  • Draw conclusions about possible cause and effect based on future decisions.

Try this...

Call for back-up! If you’re finding it difficult to identify the problem, why not try a Brainstorming session first?

Watch out for...

Off the shelf thinking. Make sure your experiment is tailored to the hypothesis you are trying to test.


  1. Check the business theme that you are trying to understand further during this sprint. Check for clarity and alignment. 
  2. As a team review the available data and evidence. Connect to the analytics group member who can help you here.
  3. Based on your data agree a likely hypothesis. Iterate together and leverage the experience of the group.
  4. Design an empirical test of your hypothesis. Start brainstorming.
  5. Conduct the experiment. What does the data show you? Does your hypothesis still hold true?
  6. What questions do we need to ask against your business theme? Drive for clarity and share your thinking for context.

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