These days, sales is less about muscle power, and more about asking the right questions to data and leveraging insights from other parts of the organisation to achieve results!

In a super complex and competitive environment (sound familiar) sales leaders may want to increase customer advocacy so we can meet their needs and reduce their pain points not only before the competition but before they ask for it!

Here, sales leadership moves away from relationship-based sales or 'cups of tea sales' to a value adding partner. 

Meetings on the run

The thing about sales teams is that we all have tons of knowledge and experience locked away away between our ears!  

Help the team to think about the questions that they need to ask about that key account.  What do we need to know about the multiple stakeholders that we're managing?  What are they reading, being influenced by in their decision making process?

Connect experience with data!

Thinking and acting this way helps us uncover who we need to talk to or the questions we need to ask to unlock that organisational knowledge and build understanding of our customer base.

Here is where we win! 

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