Deep sigh.  It's the middle of that critically important project, the team are busy working on their parts of the plan, all tasks are underway and on track - green flashing lights everywhere!  We can see the top of the mountain and glory is only a few presentations away!   

But there's that nagging little voice asking us what are those crocodiles that we just can't see swimming towards our award winning project canoe?  What are our blind spots?  What are our unknowns?

Hypothesis led thinking
At anytime throughout a project, getting you and your group to share their thinking through a hypothesis and assumption dialogue, that could impact the project  will help you surface your unknown-unknowns!  Thinking creatively here pays dividends, move away from execution mode and let your imagination run riot!

Project teams are made up of super stars who all bring their own skills and experience to the team.  However, it adds huge value to think critically throughout a project to test assumptions amongst the group and reveal hidden oversights in your thinking or planning.  

Or crocodiles :) 

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