Data Science and Analytics teams too often feel like stick fetchers for the business. Senior business leaders, under the daily pressure of achieving targets have been brought up asking "I.T." for a report, so they can paste it into a Powerpoint presentation next Tuesday!

As a data rock star, how do you move away from this and really start to add value to the business teams that you support?  In doing so, showing off your skillzzzzzz and seeing the value of your data realised.

Connect to business Value!
Its starts with asking a simple question to business teams; What do you want to understand better?  By forcing business teams to articulate this you'll make huge strides in understanding where to go.  

"If we could understand what our customers think of this or How they interact with that... then you're my new best friend"

At Connectworxs we help you collaborate with business teams within their key business projects! Surfacing assumptions and gaps in the teams understanding, analytics talent can find the right data to bring maximum value at the right time!

Once we're clear, the fun begins!  Forming hypotheses, challenging assumptions, looking at alternative pathways starts to uncover gaps in understanding and thats where you become a star player!  

A much more fun way of working that Powerpoint slides right? :) 

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