First time
Your project's Hub enables you to add your co-workers, setup tags and really challenge your thinking...

Project members
Strive for alternative perspectives. Think cross-functional. Have you got a data analyst in the project, and if not, where can you find one?!

Project tags
Tags help us share your generated intelligence to the right places as well as direct relevant intelligence from elsewhere to your project. 

Challenge your thinking
Once you are all setup, it is all about using the constraints in Connectworxs to uncover better questions! Do this by articulating hypotheses, challenging assumptions and finding out what you don't know. Connectworxs gives you 2 ways to view your workflow, depending on personal preference: a kanban board, or a list. 

Your project's Discover page
Here you can not only see, in a feed, the intelligence, hypotheses and questions that have come out of your project, but also those generated from other projects with similar tags. You can use the filters, sorts and search to customise your view. 

Any questions, we are here to help. Start a conversation with our customer success team through Intercom.  

Happy exploring! 

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