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Whether you’re trying to discover the secret ingredient to your grandma’s famous chocolate chip c🍪🍪kies or you’re wishing to uncover the truth about the money habits of your customers, Connectworxs can help!

Getting Started With Connectworxs

We know getting started isn’t always easy and what might work for some, won’t work for others.  We get it!  So to help you get to where you're going, we thought we'd draw you up a map!

The Basics

The top 5 things you need to know to get started! 

1. Projects - Projects are areas that you want to explore to achieve business value. With each project, participants will work together to formulate hypotheses around value, challenge their assumptions, identify hard hitting questions, and uncover previously unknown intelligence!

All projects have a unique name, customizable description, and the option to have a personalized photo to help illustrate the project’s topic and points of focus.  All the projects you are a part of are identified as an icon coursing down the left hand side of your screen to make it easy to switch between them. 

Projects also have tags identifying any themes, topics, or other points of interest that may be related.  This is especially helpful to projects because individuals who have identified these interests will be able to see the project, join the effort,  and have an opportunity to share their knowledge and insights.

2. Hypothesis Cards -
 We know that executing project’s with a hypotheses-led approach helps to uncover gaps in understanding, leading to better questions, better insights and ultimately, better decisions. This is why we’ve built hypotheses right into our platform - so you can get to unlock value as fast as possible! Once you’ve added a few hypotheses, you’ll be surprised how quickly you discover new things.

3. Project Boards -
A basic (but effective) list setup to be simply To Do, Doing, and Done, where hypotheses start in the To Do list and make their way to the Done list.  You can organize their order and drag and drop hypotheses as you work through them to show progress.

To get going, simply drag one of the hypothesis cards into Doing and click to add assumptions and ask meaningful questions.  Hypothesis cards that have been completed are viewed in the Done list showing the ones proven True in Green and False in Red.

4.  Assumptions - We all know what people say about assumptions, right? It makes an 🍑 out of you and me?? But isn’t it funny that despite our knowing assumptions can lead us astray, we rarely challenge them? With Connectworxs, challenging assumptions is the key to uncovering intelligence and it’s baked right in.  When you click into a hypothesis card, Connectworxs enables you to add your assumptions right there taking the discussion from “This is what I think” to “This is what I think and here’s why”.  This enables project participants to quickly share ideas and test to see if they hold water.

5. Questions-  This is where the magic happens!!  Do you know what they say about questions? "There’s no such thing as a bad question", right?  And they’re RIGHT✔💯! But there IS such a thing as a better question and Connectworxs helps you to get right to it!  Traditionally we tend to start with a question and use data to attempt to answer that question.  With Connectworxs, by asking questions around assumptions instead, you will be uncovering the questions you didn't know you needed to ask!

This way of working helps us unlock the real value of all our data, and Connectworxs is designed to guide and structure that new way of thinking.  Once you’ve added an assumption, you can click right into it and start testing ideas, challenging each other, and forming the right questions!  

Talk back-and-forth with your team, attach files, @ mention individuals to collaborate, analyze data, find the truth... It’s through this iterative process that teams discover the unknown-unknowns, eradicate hearsay in their organizations, and unlock the collective intelligence of their people.

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