Historically on projects, teams start with questions like “How can we reduce our spend by 15%?” or “How do we improve customer satisfaction scores?” Sound familiar? This way of questioning, while sometimes effective, usually results in small, incremental wins, but the grass usually grows back.  You’ll be certain to ask that question again.  And again.  It's inefficient 💤!  In order to achieve that ever-elusive “AH-HAH!” moment, we must test our thinking, challenge our assumptions and explore! 

 Of this, Albert Einstein once said: 

In other words… sometimes we have to challenge our ways of working in order for a new solution to appear - and we designed Connectworxs with that in mind.

Find your blind spots

Instead of starting your line of thinking with a question, start with a hypothesis and, with it, your underlying assumptions.  Connectworxs makes this easy by allowing you to create a hypothesis and immediately start filling it with your assumptions. 

This is really the moment to put your perspective out there.  Instead of having a question like “How do we get our products to our customers sooner?” you’re starting with a statement like “Customer’s think our delivery solutions aren’t competitive” and *boom* with it a list of assumptions as to why.  

Now you and your team have an aligned foundation of understanding you can use to test your thinking, illuminate faulty logic, eradicate hearsay, and gain a whole new, more intelligent understanding of your projects.  Team members can then click into any assumption and start commenting, adding their thoughts, providing data, etc.

In the new world...

Here, you discover questions you wouldn't have known to ask and, as a result, come up with ideas and solutions you wouldn't have otherwise dreamt of. Working this way gives you the keys to unlocking the value of your data; so your solutions tend to pack quite the punch. 

All possible in less than 60 seconds -  What’s better than that?! 

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